Microsoft ModernBiz Makeover Campaign Videos

The videos below form a series describing how Physical Therapy Central (PTC) transformed its business with
an array of Microsoft solutions provided through consultation with Vudu Consulting. Each video is hosted by
Nic Fillingham, a Microsoft SMB strategist.

We filmed the videos over two days at several PTC facilities in Oklahoma. We then edited the footage into the
four Microsoft solutions themes as presented below.

This is a great way to present broad scope content in quick thematic chunks. Adding an engaging host
reinforces the content and relaxes the format overall.


1. Grow Efficiently
The right technology for every business phase
(2:29 min)

Media Production for Microsoft

2. Safeguard Your Business
Modern security for evolving threats
(1:42 min)

Media Production for Microsoft

3: Do Business Anywhere
Do your best work. Wherever you are.
(1:26 min)

Media Production for Microsoft

4: Connect With Customers
Win sales and build customer loyalty
(1:02 min)

Media Production for Microsoft





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