Video Proposal for Bose
“Enhance the Fun”

Bose is a market leader in premium audio systems. Core to Bose marketing are video campaigns featuring celebrities – athletes and musicians – profiled using Bose products. As an addition to those campaigns, we propose a campaign of fun and entertaining lifestyle videos featuring “real people” customers using Bose products.

We have deep experience with peer-to-peer reference videos and our clients consider them an essential part of their marketing. We feel that format applied to Bose would differentiate it from its competition as well as increase brand awareness and sales across the range of Bose products.

Below are two examples of videos we produced for Dell that illustrate the format and show how Dell products enriched the lives of a musician and a college freshman.

Musician for Dell XPS

The Musician

The Freshman for Dell XPS

The Freshman

We can produce videos in the same format for you. Imagine “Enhance the Fun” videos appearing on the Bose homepage and circulating on social media sites. They could play in venues ranging from small pop-up retail sites to the Jumbotrons of Times Square. Why not?

By profiling delighted customers in interesting environments, using the range of Bose products set to an up-tempo sound track, we’ll further elevate excitement for the Bose brand and prove the Bose difference.

Our cost estimate to produce and deliver each video, excluding travel fees, if applicable, is $55,000. For more information, please contact:

Andrew Bradner Andrew Bradner
Executive Producer/Owner
P. 206.932.2030