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We create testimonial videos to market our clients’ products and services, as well as to recruit and retain their employees.

Our clients include many of the world’s leading technology companies including Dell Technologies, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Siemens, VMware and HPE.

With nearly 20 years experience, we have produced over 500 videos around the world and have won over 150 industry awards for marketing communications videos.

Why Testimonial Videos?

As the leading form of social proof, compelling peer testimonials are the most credible way to promote the benefits of your brand, products or employment at your company. Click the link to the left to see 7 statistics that prove that testimonials and video deliver significant value in each online marketing channel.



We can produce your video from initial concept all the way through final delivery. Or, maybe you just need a crew in Cairo?  Or, you have footage that you simply want edited.  We are happy to provide any range of services across every aspect of production.

Concept development, storyboarding, scriptwriting
Crew and equipment sourcing, booking, and payment worldwide
Talent casting, payment and releases
Preproduction books, call sheets, NDAs and other coordinating documents
Logistics prep with the film site and personnel
Production insurance
Day of the Shoot
Direct interviews and supporting footage
Direct crew and equipment logistics and schedules
Liaison with location points of contact
Ensure production quality control
Editing and Delivery
Interview transcription
Video editing: story edit through complete picture edit
Graphics animation
Voiceover direction and recording
Music and sound effects production
Audio editing, sweetening and mix
Media encoding for broadcast, web and mobile delivery

Client Reviews

  • Please keep them coming!

    Please keep them coming!

    This is a really well done video and shows clear customer benefit! We want to see many more videos along these same lines for all of our product families.

    Michael Dell
  • I think you all have outdone yourselves!

    I think you all have outdone yourselves!

    I REALLY like this video. I am thrilled with the people, the message and the B-Roll. You and your team always seem to read our minds and do great work for us. We appreciate the ongoing partnership!

    Jennifer Jones Newbill
    Director, Global Employment Brand
  • Wonderful! Thanks!

    Wonderful! Thanks!

    As always you guys are great and ever so flexible to work with our sliding timeline.

    Scottie Wikoff
    Case Study Manager
  • The interviews were fabulous ...

    The interviews were fabulous ...

    … so I knew we had good content but the video is amazing and I hope it brings some well-deserved recognition!

    Christine Fronczak
    Americas HPC & Machine Learning Sales Enabling Manager
  • Outstanding!!!!


    Great video!! I like it! Please proceed. Let us show the world at SC15! Go Gators!

    Erik Deumens, Ph.D.
    Director of Research Computing
  • Fantastic!


    I think it looks terrific. Everyone did a great job putting it together and I really like how it turned out.  Thanks your team and the KB team for a job well done!!!

    Greg Moore
    Vice President, Information Technology
  • Another outstanding piece ...

    Another outstanding piece ...

    … that we’ll be proud to show at SC15 and elsewhere. I’ll share it with my colleagues right away.

    Jan Zverina
    Director of Communications and Media Relations

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